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Space2think is not just any coaching and training provider.

Rob Husband founded Space2think in 2007 and Andy Howie joined us as Director in 2009. Based in Banbury and Chester our tailored, integrated and nurturing style is designed to promote a different way of thinking about work and life.

The Space2think team of directors and associates is made up of experienced and creative trainers, facilitators and coaches.

Often in the workplace potential and purpose gets covered by busyness and habit. Much of our work is about uncovering this potential. At Space2think we believe that when you create the right environment for personal and organisational learning, development and coaching, you can achieve better results. We call it people-centered learning and our experience is that it works!

We work with your employees to bring more of themselves and what they have to offer to their role, to develop a greater understanding of the relationships they hold and consider the impact they have with colleagues and managers in every direction.

Often coaching, training and development are about creating core organisational change, this takes commitment and time. We consistently experience that change is most effective and sustainable when developed from within individuals and teams.

Our core approach to working with people is a coaching approach, creating the environment where growth, development and change can occur from within.

Just read though some of our testimonials to know that we are not alone in thinking this.