Action Learning

Action learning is a deliberate process of reflection and learning, supported by colleagues with an intention of getting something done – leading to change and action. Through action learning individuals learn with and from each other by working on real problems, issues or opportunities and helps to overcome the tendency to think, feel and be passive towards the pressures of work and life.

Action learning usually takes place every 6 weeks in groups of 8-10 participants.

Client Feedback: Action Learning:

Gill Garwood – CEO Homeless Action Research Project

GillI like the appraoch with Action Learning, it’s practical. I’ve used it in certain situations at work. I’ve gained more confidence. You are allowed to express yourself and be totally honest. It does enable you to work things out. It’s wonderful to be listened to, to have that space. Someone can ask you a question and you can gain real insight. You get the opportunity to meet people in similar work situations.”

Davina Goodchild – CEO LionHeart

DavinaIt has definitely changed my ability to listen, to listen without jumping in and let someone finish. It literally is a space to think. In an Action Learning set you give as well as get