Coaching in Education

Space2think have an impressive track record of helping individuals and organisations to achieve real and sustainable change. Over the past 5 years we have been working within the education sector with much success. We have worked with staff from over 30 schools across Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Somerset, Oxfordshire and North Birmingham.

Our work has primarily been concerned with the effective use of coaching as an approach within schools. Our interventions include bespoke coaching programmes and Institute of Leadership and Management endorsed, accredited programmes and one to one coaching.

We recognise teachers are passionate about outcomes for children and that teaching is a vocation. We understand that schools can be a place of relentless change and activity so whether on a bespoke or accredited programme coaches and facilitators at Space2think work with the person within the teacher, the person who brings their passion and commitment to their work place.

At Space2think, we don’t tell staff how to coach, we facilitate a robust and safe environment where people can discover how to coach. We encourage a coaching approach at all levels within a school; Senior Management Teams, Middle Leaders, Classroom Teachers, Teaching Assistants and non-teaching staff. School staff we have trained are using coaching, with peers, NQTs, parents and children.

We have a course summary below with programme outlines available.

Outcomes for schools can be usefully summarised in some key areas:

  • Improving teaching standards and improving performance management with colleagues

Teaching and Learning teams are using a coaching approach to support teachers to develop their classroom practice. This is related to lesson observations and more general CPD.

“I am supporting a Teach First programme student teacher, who is learning on the job. He’s responded really well and is a long way ahead of expected progress.” (Richard- teaching and learning leader North Oxfordshire Academy)

Senior and Middle leaders are using it as part of performance management “Our school is moving towards most of the staff being trained. Senior leaders are using it in performance management and gradually bringing it into the culture of the school…” (Sam – Outstanding teacher Bearbrook Combined School)

  • Having focused conversations that benefit and reduce pressure for both people

Marjorie Downey the head teacher at Parkgate Primary says “Teachers often feel they are failing,” she says. “I want to be realistically demanding, but not make staff feel that they’ll never be able to do it. Coaching is not always about helping someone achieve or do better; I use it to encourage staff to reflect and recognise what they already do well.”

Staff like it because they feel they are being listened to and it takes away the power imbalance between them and senior leaders (Marianne – Vice Principal North Oxfordshire Academy)

  • Empowering children and young people to become better learners

“During the Spring term, every day at 8.00 a.m. I spent half an hour working with the boys. I actually didn’t work much on Maths, but more on their attitude to learning. I used a questioning approach to draw out their potential and help them to see why learning is important. By the end of the year they had each achieved a high Level 4.”  (Rachel – Headteacher Elmhurst)

  • Developing a coaching culture

“Sometimes when a head teacher leaves an outstanding school, performance plummets and the school crumbles. The head teacher is not a superhero and can’t profess to do everything. The strongest schools don’t depend on one person.

“When I took over at Bearbrook it was in an equivalent of special measures, and so I needed to tell people what to do to get us up to a good level. But in order to secure the future, build resilience and make us outstanding I need other people’s ideas. Coaching encourages people to buy into solutions because they have ownership of their ideas. ” (Marcus – Headteacher Bearbrook)

  • Which programme is right for your school?

We are happy to come and talk with you, to help you understand how coaching can enhance outcomes for children and to decide which programme might be right for your school?

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Some of our programmes are accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). This can provide credibility for individual staff and a robust vehicle for developing skills and behaviours. They can display an outward credibility for your organisation; a bench mark that communicates the quality of your staff and your organisations commitment to their continuing professional development.