Coaching and mentoring introduction

Coaching qualifications – Our approach to developing coaches and mentors is to create the right conditions within which people can become effective coaches. We believe these conditions to be trust, openness and vulnerability and we are experienced in creating safe but challenging learning environments. We are committed to doing more than transferring knowledge about coaching, we are passionate about people becoming effective coaches. We slow down the pace and invite participants to reflect on their own practice, their internal world that impacts their coaching behaviours, and to learn from the experiences and insights of others.  Learning is encouraged from the inside out. We provide ideas of good practice and provoke thinking around important coaching and mentoring concepts but we do not tell people how to coach or mentor. We help people discover how to coach.

Leadership and Team Skills

Coaching Qualification at level 3

Helping people learn rather than teaching them (Gallwey 1979)

Developing your staff to develop themselves and those they manage is crucial in creating sustainable and forward facing organisations. This coaching approach demands a different set of skills and attitudes to those often used in traditional people management. The Coaching Qualification at level 3 provide opportunity for line managers, team leaders and supervisors to explore and develop the attitudes and skills of effective coaches.

Length: 24 hours guided learning hours (4 whole days or 1 whole day and 6  ½ days)

Programme aims: To introduce the principles and develop the key skills of coaching and to apply in an organisational setting. To develop confident and competent staff who are able to apply coaching within a number of work settings


  •  Introduction to Coaching and the tGROW and OSCAR models
  •  Introducing the key coaching skills of Listening, Building rapport and questioning
  •  Exploring potential barriers to coaching within the school setting
  •  Tools and techniques that support effective coaching in organisations
  •  Coaching practice


These programme require some formal assessment including a reflective coaching dairy and 2 written assignments.

Coaching and Mentoring Qualification at level 5

Taking coaching seriously

Managers are increasingly acting as internal coaches and mentors within organisations; working to release individual and organisational potential. The Coaching and Mentoring Qualification at level 5 provides opportunity for both managers and independent coaches to develop the skills and attitudes required to be an effective coach within organisations and as independent coaches.

Length: 37 Guided Learning Hours (6 whole days or 2 whole days & 8 ½ days)

Programme aims: To get a critical understanding of the role and responsibilities of a coach and/or mentor and to deepen your understanding of how coaching and mentoring can impact both individuals and organisations. To be able to assess your own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach and mentor and provide evidence of your own development as a coach and mentor through the qualification. Plan your further development and plan, deliver and review coaching and mentoring in your organisation.


  •  Critique of coaching and coaching models
  •  Review and further development of the key coaching and mentoring skills of listening, building rapport and questioning
  •  Exploring and overcoming potential, personal and organisational barriers to coaching and mentoring
  •  Negotiating and contracting within coaching and mentoring
  •  The business case for coaching and mentoring
  •  Personality and coaching and mentoring
  •  Tools and techniques that support effective coaching and Mentoring
  •  12 hours of supervised coaching practice


This programme requires formal assessment including a coaching dairy and 2 written assignments.