Collaborative and developmental conversations

It involves moving towards a coaching approach through collaborative and developmental conversations.

It considers

  • – The role of a manager in collaborative and developmental conversations.
  • – The role of a manager in raising awareness and enabling responsibility.
  • – Windows into behaviours
  • – Creating the environment.
  • – Considering your approach and style.
  • – A coaching approach – raising awareness leading to taking of responsibility.
  • – Structures to help bring focus.

As a manager considering taking a coaching approach you may be aware this may not be your starting place. Collaborative and developmental  conversations are something that we can learn to do and we can learn to do them well. However they are not always something that comes naturally or easily to all of us. Sometimes we have to re-learn and re-think how we view ourselves and others before we can develop our ability to consistently have such conversations. Often pressures of time and task can inhibit such behaviours.

Below are a number of outcomes that we will be working towards at the workshop. They can be linked to a competency framework in organisations so some examples of competencies are given with the outcome.

  • – Key communication skills required to take a collaborative approach (understands and applies effective communication skills).
  • – Building rapport (Able to build rapport and talk to people on a personal level).
  • – Coaching and mentoring approaches (Creates a supportive coaching and mentoring environment for staff development).
  • – Creating the right environment (Creates an environment which engenders ownership and accountability…..).
  • – Non-judgemental awareness (Creates an environment of openess and honesty….).
  • – Creating awareness and respinsibility (Encourages individuals to take ownership of key deliverables).
  • – Bringing structure to conversations ( Reads people and situations perceptively and responds accordingly).
  • – Working with feedback (Identifies and prioritises their development needs based on personal reflection and by requesting feedback from colleagues).