ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management

The Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management is ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing their abilities. They particularly support practicing team leaders seeking to move up to the next level of management, and managers who need to lead people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

Benefits for individuals

  • Gain a range of key management skills and put them into practice in your own role
  • Build your leadership capabilities – motivate and engage teams, manage relationships confidently
  • Develop your leadership and management skills using your own knowledge, values and motivations

The Level 3 qualification can be designed to suit your organisational needs. An example qualification is shown below:

Problem solving and decision making

Learning outcomes:

  • Know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact
  • Know how to gather and interpret information to solve a problem
  • Know how to evaluate options to make a decision
  • Know how to plan, monitor and review the implementation and communication of decisions

Understanding how to motivate to improve performance

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the factors that influence motivation levels in the workplace
  • Understand how a theory of motivation can be used to improve performance levels

Understanding change and innovation in the workplace

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding innovation and change in an organisation
  • Understand how to plan, monitor and review the implementation and communication of innovation and change in an organisation
  • Understand the effects of innovation and change.

Plus one additional unit from the following options:

  • Developing yourself and others
  • Managing to conflict in the workplace
  • Understanding how to establish an effective team
  • Understanding stress management in the workplace

Delivery time:

Qualifications can be delivered through a range of methods: Face to face, face to face supported by online resources, Self-directed learning or a blend of all methods.

Leadership and Team Skills