One to one coaching

One to one coaching provides a confidential place for staff to explore their own practice, understand their own behaviours and reflect on purpose and direction. In short it is a space where an individual can explore their own potential.

“When leading a busy school, sometimes it easy to forget to breath and take time to reflect and process situations, often these situations are the ones that can consume your capacity both in time and mind.  Coaching has been vital for me to process complex situations and clear the ‘fog’ to set personal steps to drive forward” (Harry Wall Head Teacher Hanwell Fields Primary School)

“Coaching is usually a problem I am bringing and we work through it and I come out with a plan at the end of it. It has built my confidence up and I am more self-assured and have dealt with issues I would have let slide. At the start I even felt bad about having a supervisor / coach. Now I can’t imagine being without it. The staff structure of the organisation and my support to them has come out of these sessions. I am able to work out what it is I needed and make it happen. The way it is set up you enable me to come to the solution, you ask challenging questions. That helps me to work it out. I get that feeling I know the answer all along and it gives me the confidence to do it. The whole organisation has benefited from it and they don’t realise it. Telephone coaching is just as good, it was very effective and very cost effective. I can’t think of anything you could do to improve it.(Gill Garwood CEO, Homeless Action Research Project (HARP) ).