Logging in for the First Time

  1. If you were registered by Space2Think, you will have been sent your username, temporary password and course title.
  2. Go to Online Resources>Programme Login  https://space2think.org/log-in/
  3. After logging in, you will see the course list – select the course title you have been registered to.
  4. We recommend changing your password straight away on edit page
  5. Space2Think is always developing and improving and we would love your feedback and questions
  6. Any questions, contact our Online Learning Support at steve@clickmovements.com

Selecting & Navigating a Programme

  1. You can see all the available programmes [here] but you will only be able to navigate programmes you are registered into.
  2. On the Programme Homepage of your registered programme, you can edit your password or email address at https://space2think.org/edit-profile/
  3. You can also check out your Profile & Progress here https://space2think.org/student-profile/
  4. Each programme has topics which also has sub-topics or ‘focuses’ – you can see this navigation system in the right-hand margin of topic/focus pages
  5. Depending on the programme you are following, every topic/focus needs to be ‘marked complete’ in order to make progress, finish the programme and get a certificate.
  6. Some content is contained in concertinaed boxes – you will need to open the box (see diagram)
  7. Any questions, do contact our Online Learning Support at steve@clickmovements.com

Finding & Downloading Resources

  1. You can find the Programme Handbook on the individual Program Homepage
  2. The Coaching Diary Template can be found as an upload on Assignments Page
  3. All the Assignments for the individual programme are grouped together on the last page of the programme.

Checking Progress & Finishing Programme

  1. You can click the ‘expand all’ on your programme menu at the bottom of each programme page. Here you can see your progress as ticks (or not! 🙂
  2. Depending on the programme you have taken, when all ‘mark complete’ buttons have been pressed, all pages/assignments finished and uploads accepted by tutor, a PRINT CERTIFICATE button will appear – you have now finished the programme – congratulations !

Uploading Assignments

  1. For some of the certified programmes, you’ll need to upload assignments directly to the site on your course assignments page (tends to be the last topic in the programme).
  2. Send draft assignments through email to receive feedback
  3. Your tutor will need to look at and approve your uploaded assignment before you can receive your certificate
  4. Submit your finished work using the assignments page at end of programme
  5. You will see that your work has been accepted by your tutor when you are no longer able to delete your assignment