Personal and Leadership Transformation

— transformation…

I am curious how fundamental ways of relating as humans become professionalised. I am pretty sure that all throughout our history as a species we have had the empaths, the listeners, the provocateurs and the bringers of curiosity and change. Most cultures around the world have those who accompany the inner journey of others; the shaman, the priest, the village wise ones, the healer, the spiritual guides and in more recent times the facilitator, coach and thinking partner.

I am not precious about any of the modern day labels, for me they only point toward ancient wisdom traditions and long known ways of being with others that enable insight and growth, or as Jonathan Whitmore describes; an approach that brings awareness and encourages responsibility. My own experience has taught me that we all need someone to accompany us through our inner journey; someone who hears and sees us as we are; someone who can hold us in our uncertainty and turmoil, in our dreaming and flowing, and in our transitions and in our stuckness.

Someone who can…

● Help us develop our compassion for ourselves, others and the world
● Challenge us to think, be and do in different ways
● Shine light on own beliefs and values and how they influence our behaviours
● Support us in our journey of inner and outer impact
● Accompany us into our own shadowlands

When I look around the world in all its complexity, conflicts and challenges I sometimes wonder if there is a subliminal attitude of arrogance that leads us to believe we do not need our own inner guides, and although I am not convinced it captures the richness and depth of this way of relating, let us for the sake of our current day world call this approach: one to one coaching, mentoring or as I often describe it therapeutic coaching.

If you are interested in being accompanied in this way; let’s talk…