Robust Conversations

Key Objectives

  • To increase the frequency of effective challenge regarding staff performance and behaviours
  • To provide staff with practical approaches and tools to apply in their day to day work
  • To increase staffs commitment to being proactive in bringing appropriate challenges within the workplace
  • To develop staffs awareness of their own approach to bringing challenge and the consequences of this approach

The programme is run over 2 x 3 hour sessions

In session 1 participants will:

  • Have increased awareness of their current approaches to bringing challenge
  • Appreciate the culture within which they will be bringing the challenge
  • Understand how to bring a rounded approach to working with challenge
  • Have a choice of approaches that they could adopt in bringing challenge
  • Have at least one model / tool that they can apply in the workplace

In session 2 participants will:

  • Have at least two models / tools that they can apply in the workplace
  • Have begun to develop their personal approach to bringing effective challenge
  • Have had opportunity to gain real time feedback about their approach
  • Have increased confidence in bringing challenge and having difficult conversations

In between sessions 1 and 2 participants are invited to apply their learning and bring their experiences back to session 2. The programme is interactive and will provide opportunity for staff to practice and receive feedback from peers and facilitators.

  • I feel the knowledge and skills to have robust conversations has greatly improved since attending the course now that I am aware I can structure and plan these conversations.
  • I’m not afraid to say things assertively but politely. Facing an issue is preferable to letting it fester.
  • I particularly found the objective observation helpful and helped me recognise weaknesses that I have.
  • Really reflected on my own style and utilised the learning and applied in the workplace.
  • Feel as if I have had some extra bananas!!