Release Project, Birmingham

25th January 2017

Organisations strive to enable all young people to be able to reach their true potential and young carers in particular often face challenges that hamper them from achieving this. They are typically unrecognised for the care that they give, unlike adult carers, who receive a carers allowance, and there is very little support available to them – we are one of only three young carers services in Birmingham, and the latest figures for the city show over 11,500 young carers. Frequently, young carers remain hidden, only being discovered when situations have reached crisis point, which often involve social services becoming involved. We believe that it is vital to provide services and interventions to prevent this from happening.

Space2think has an intuitive, creative and flexible approach, which they are able to tailor to our specific needs. They understand our work, and our ethos – “they get it” – and they are able to draw out the aspects of our work that are very difficult to measure, but are vital when trying to enact change in people’s lives. They are professional, prompt and honest. They really care, not only about what they do, but also what you do.

They have introduced a new and innovative way of working with young carers through providing the life coaching qualification – they have tailored this training, which was originally a professional development tool and enabled us to adapt it to support young carers to develop their own coping strategies.

Through their evaluation work, Space2think have supported Release to develop better ways of evidencing outcomes, helping the team to set up the systems required and then keeping them on track to ensure that contract requirements are complied with. They have used an individual approach with each staff member, ensuring that the best outcomes have been recognised and recorded and that failing outcomes have been rectified. They are currently helping us to evidence the benefits of new approaches that we are using in our services, to our funders.

Space2think will provide consistent, professional services to your business. They will tailor their approach to exactly what you require, they always deliver on time and to a very high standard. Everything they do is underpinned by a real intuitive and caring approach – they want to get things right and they care about your organisation and the individuals that work with you.