Rob & Andy created the ‘Space to Think’

25th January 2017

Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring

I was looking to gain an accreditation in coaching to validate the experience I have gained over the years in leadership roles. The fact this was an open course which included people from a variety of companies and backgrounds appealed as I was keen to hear of their experiences in the different sectors and organisations. Additionally, I felt the residential element of the course would allow me to focus fully on the learning experience rather than being pulled in to the distractions of daily life so this was a real plus point for me.

The workshop days were excellent. As soon as we all met on the first day, Rob and Andy put us all at ease and literally created the “space to think” and focus on what we were learning. There was a lot of discussion and practical application of theory which has helped me to embed the learning and take away a proper understanding of various coaching models and techniques. As with all learning, there were some elements that were harder to get to grips with than others and in those scenarios my questions were handled respectfully and competently within the group environment, helping me to feel safe to ask for help or clarity as necessary. The tutorial element of the course has been very useful and is further demonstration of how skilled Andy and Rob are in this field. I feel fortunate to have found them and to have shared time with them through the programme.