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Release Project, Birmingham

Organisations strive to enable all young people to be able to reach their true potential and young carers in particular often face challenges that hamper them from achieving this. They are typically unrecognised for the care that they give, unlike adult carers, who receive a carers allowance, and there is very little support available to them - we are one of only three young carers services in Birmingham, and the latest figures for the city show over 11,500 young carers. Frequently, young carers remain hidden, only being discovered when situations have reached crisis point, which often involve social services becoming more

Stephanie Patrick BA Hons MA PQ Deputy Chief Executive, Sutton Coldfield YMCA 25th January 2017

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Children, Youth and Enterprise Department of YMCA West London

Maintaining a human approach in the workplace was important for me as it made me realise that empathy and understanding your employees as human beings can bring great benefits. I now feel confident to conduct line management supervisions with my staff and empower their potential. The training I received has enabled me to support and develop the skills of my staff and give them the chance to self-reflect about their own progress and performance. I would say to any organisation which is considering using Space2think in a similar capacity, that they are very knowledgeable and dynamic.  

Deepika Harjani West London YMCA 25th January 2017

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It was thought provoking

Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring For a while now I have been interested in coaching as a profession and thought that it would fit nicely with other areas that I have studied and enhance my practice as a professional.  I have dreamed of being a coach at some point in my career. I loved the idea of it being a residential course and enjoyed myself thoroughly.  It was thought provoking, uncomfortable at times but a great way to learn and a good learning environment was created by Andy and Rob, two well experienced professionals.

Joy Dodd Project Worker - Release, Sutton Coldfield YMCA 25th January 2017

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Coaching is a powerful tool

After several years of informal mentoring at work I was fortunate enough to be nominated to attend the course to refine my skills. I greatly enjoyed the course, even in a learning environment it is clear that coaching is powerful tool that can facilitate positive change. The ability to practice coaching with extended feedback was invaluable. The group I was with brought amazing skills, energy and experience to the learning environment.

Jo Colwell Sustainability Manager, Oxford City Council 25th January 2017

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Rob & Andy created the ‘Space to Think’

Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring I was looking to gain an accreditation in coaching to validate the experience I have gained over the years in leadership roles. The fact this was an open course which included people from a variety of companies and backgrounds appealed as I was keen to hear of their experiences in the different sectors and organisations. Additionally, I felt the residential element of the course would allow me to focus fully on the learning experience rather than being pulled in to the distractions of daily life so this was a real plus point for me. The more

Jeannette Attryde Coach and Consultant at Different Perspectives 25th January 2017