When I Wake

Sometimes a blog emerges over a period of time. The idea for the blog starts as a tiny seed. Then, experiences from life nourish and nurture these ideas, feed the ideas and stoke the ideas, until they feel ready to be shared with the wider world.

At other times, ideas for blogs come from a spontaneous desire to place my soul on the altar of social media; a potential sacrifice to the gods of public judgement and opinion. Why? In the hope that it resonates with others as they find their way in the world.

So, here is this blog. A message from my soul:

I am often withered by the magnitude of environmental and ecological realities. I am wounded by the 27 ongoing conflicts around the world; stretched by the increasing gap between those that have and those who don’t. I am winded breathless by frantic political positioning.

I find myself flailing in a hurricane of denial and acceptance; ignorance and understanding; hedonism and mindful presence; joy and depression; fear and love; hope and despair; defence and vulnerability.

I so much yearn for it to be different for me, for you, for our children, born and unborn. I so much want it to be different for what we call ‘The Other’. In fact, what I really want is that there is a stop to the naming of the other, that we acknowledge that there is no other; only us.

Oh, how I want the world to be different and how I want to be different.

and then,

in a chance conversation with a stranger on a train,


the whisper of a dream,

shared stories of affirmation and intent.

The dream,

it is here,

it is calling,

it is building,

taking shape,

catching the breath of those who dare to breathe possibilities of newness and change.

I hope the dream is still there when I wake….

Living the dream